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They called Cammy Tayler the voice of the dead. She remembers when she was seven years old and had her first encounter with spirit. Her Granny called it the “Magic.” Her Granny had it too and introduced her to a mirror that would assist her in her communications. Spirit that wanted to share their stories could play it out on the mirror. Right out of high-school she began traveling to well known haunts with her assistant and best friend Zack Davis in an effort to collect stories from the spirits that were willing to share. She buys a haunted house setting on what was called “Mary’s Farms” dated back to the 1700’s and soon discovers that it was inhabited by spirits. The land cried blood. Her journey leads her to prove legends to be fact like Chief Eagle Wings curse on Mary’s Farms, the witch’s cabin and Shelly the doll. Her adventures lead her to a cave called “Ghost cave’ and Jackals Bridge. The spirits flooded her with stories. She discovers the dark history and the all consuming influence of the witch who possessed and thrived at Mary’s farms. Will she survive the darkness? Come, and take the adventure and see.




Hells hallways large

Hell’s Hallways presents one question, what if there is an eternal life waiting for us. Amber Lee discovers the answer to this question and so much more as she takes a journey to the darkest place to ever exist, Hell. She remembers fondly of a time in her life when she considered God to be her friend, but she became jaded by religion and experience. Her bitterness leads her to a stripper pole and heroin yearning for acceptance. Eventually she overdoses and falls to the underworld. On her way she is taken on a journey of her life. She visits times and places that she would rather forget like when she was thirteen and had a job for the pastor to make extra money to buy a dress to be baptized in, and he tried to molest her, or when she took heroin for the first time, or when the love of her life rejected and tried to kill her. This and many other experiences fed her disbelief in a God, a heaven or a hell that held all punishment for sinners. She is greeted by many evil hosts that take her on a nightmarish tour that would change her life and beliefs forever. No matter your belief system Hell’s Hallways is relate able to everyone and leaves you with a choice.






I was inspired by a Shamans harvest song called ten million voices. Whenever we set a goal or have a dream for our lives there are many voices that rise up against that goal or dream. Have you noticed the voices of doubt in your own mind, have you noticed the voices of others discouraging you? Some do not come right out and say give up, or it will not happen but in their tone and facial expressions you can tell what the voice is saying. Many great men have had their fair share of Nay Sayers and I want to share a few examples with you to encourage you and myself to NEVER EVER lose the vision and dream.

Christopher Columbus believed the world was round and set out to sail around the world to prove it. Scholars and experts thought the world was flat arguing with him that if he followed through with his ridiculous plan he would fall off the face of the earth. Christopher kept the vision and you know the story he did prove the earth was round and discovered America.

During the early 1900’s an impressive army of scientific men scoffed at the idea of an airplane. They said, “It was an opium induced fantasy– a crackpot idea”. Orville and Wilbur Wright did not think so and have went down in history as the first in flight. With similar skepticism toward airplanes Marshall Ferdinand Foch said in 1911 “Airplanes are interesting toys but they have no real military value”

Thomas Edison tried to persuade Henry Ford to give up his fledgling idea of a motor car because he was convinced that it would never work. He said, “Come and work for me and do something really worth while”.

I am so glad that these people did not listen to those voices that were wrong. They were surrounded by negative people who tried to cause them to abort their dream, their idea, their vision.


What you perceive is what you will believe and then what you will achieve. If YOU think you cant then YOU wont, If you don’t Believe YOU can then you cant. Our perception is key. Here is an example for you….

An organization once offered a bounty of five thousand dollars apiece for wolves that were captured alive. Enticed by the idea of such money, Sam and Jed eagerly set out through the forests and into the mountains in search of the animals that could secure their fortune.

They fell asleep under the stars one night, exhausted after days of enthusiastic hunting. Sam awoke in the middle of the night and saw about fifty wolves surrounding him and Jed-hungry wolves, baring their teeth, with their eyes glistening at the thought of easy human prey.

Relating what was going on, Sam nudged his friend and said eagerly, “Jed wake up! Were rich!”

My point is do not let anyone even your own perception of a situation keep you from chasing the dream, vision or goal you have set for yourself. Sam saw the potential. Sam looked beyond the negative and saw the positive.

I used these examples which have helped me from a book called “Power thoughts”

I want to close with this

Whatever you hold in your mind will tend to occur in your life. If you continue to believe as you have always believed, you will continue to act as you have always acted. If you continue to act as if you have always acted, you will continue to get what you have always gotten. If you want different results in your life or your work, all you have to do is change your mind.

By anonymous

Never give up on something that you cannot go a day without thinking about.

By Sir Winston Churchill.




I woke up feeling weary. Life can make us feel weary but I chose to be aggressive and get my joy back. I am reviving this post of happy childhood memories and I hope it ministers to you to think yourself happy. I chose this Barbie picture because I loved barbie so much and now I buy them for 5 year old neice.

With all of the craziness that we are surrounded by I had to take my own advice and find my “Happy place” this time it was not my deck instead it was my bedroom, spacious and airy with gypsy orange paint on the walls. Setting on my comfortable bed with family albums stretched across the mattress. I began looking at the albums appreciating all the memories. Years ago my mom gave me the majority of her pictures so there was a lot of old pictures staring back at me. I chose to look back at times that were happiest for me.


I have shared in previous articles that Granny and Papaws was the happiest place on earth for me growing up. There was a safety that enveloped us that cannot be explained, nothing bad could happen at Granny and Papaws. No worries, no anxieties, no fears, no insecurities. It was a happy place surrounded by love. When we were kids our aunts and uncles were always there. They would not all show up at the same time but…before the day was gone they all would end up together. The best part was all of the playmates, with aunts and uncles came cousins. In the late 70’s and most of the 80’s I was an only child so playmates were appreciated.

My cousin Andy who was two years older than me was my partner in crime so to speak. He was more like a brother than a cousin. I remember vividly when my mom got me a Strawberry Shortcake purse. It was pink and outlined in red, it had a flap on the front of it, and on the front of this flap was a cheery and happy scene of Strawberry Shortcake with her cat Custard. I could not wait to get to Granny’s the next day to show it to Andy. I was sure that he would like my newest accessory. We got there and he was playing outside and I ran to him and said, “Andy, Andy look what mom got me!” I showed it to him and sadly he did not share the same appreciation and excitement for my cartoon friend. He snatched it away from me and began twirling it over his head taunting me, then quick as a flash he flung it in a deep ravine. I started to cry and Papaw who was close by heard my cries and came running, realizing what had happened he scolded Andy and went down in the ravine and rescued my purse for me.

Saturdays were great if we had spent the night or showed up early we started our day with a hearty breakfast. The table seemed so massive then, Papaw at the head of it as if a king (which he was to us). Granny believed in cooking and the spread would include; soft eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits and gravy and sometimes fried potatoes. I am fortunate enough to have that table now. After our breakfast we would run out of the doors like we were escaping prison, to start our adventures.

I can remember Papaw’s garage like it was yesterday, and how that we were continuously warned, Do not go in there, stay out, you will get hurt! I also remember not listening, resulting in nails in my feet. The cure was red Iodine. I was a clumsy kid with glasses and was always tripping and falling. Every time that one of the grand-kids got hurt Granny would come running with the Iodine. My legs looked like a road map. There was a long freezer in that garage and me and my cousin Andy was sure that there was a dead body in it. The warnings did not matter to us, we were compelled to find out. Day after day we would build up just enough courage to run in and pop the lid open just enough to peep, and long enough to get scared and run out screaming “There is a dead body in the freezer,” but it was hog meat and frozen vegetables from the garden.

The cellar was another adventure, we were sure that the stairs would take you to a scary land where monsters would jump out at you, making you wish for your bed and covers. The bed is an obvious place of rest, but for a scared kid it is a safe haven. As a kid it has a protective bubble that nothing can penetrate. Not the witch in the closet or the Bogey man or even the Ronald Mc Donald doll that was perfectly OK except at night when he became evil. I laugh at the innocence and imagination, thinking if only life could be this easy today. Good times followed at Granny’s and Papaws.

There was so many things to do there. Hide and seek which was very easy to play because of the enormous Pines that stood everywhere. I have many pictures that my aunts took of us crouched down playing in the dirt. My cousin Andy would get a hand full and stand over me and slowly release the dirt like an hour glass in the top of my head, my mom would get so mad. The hula hoop was a big hit for me but sadly ended up in the trees most of the time. The big wheel was lots of fun and since there was only one we learned how to share. There was horse shoes and yard darts that we could only play if the grown-ups were present. We had a small plastic swimming pool that entertained us in the summer and even the fall of the year, we all would drag it over to the picnic table and fill it with leaves, and one by one we would jump off the table into the leaves. I do not ever remember us complaining about it being too hot, or too cold to go outside. I do remember when it got cold they would make us come inside and that was a punishment for us, big difference today, now you have to beat your kids with a stick to get them to go outside. We did not have cell phones or video games and internet so we used our imaginations and these memories bring me much joy even today. Papaw would visit his dad and take us out with him and there was a country store up the road a piece and me and my cousin Andy would be in the back seat and I would have Andy ask Papaw to get us a candy bar. He would and we would enjoy the sugar rush just in time to visit our Great Grandparents. Halloween was an awesome time for all of us because my aunt would paint our faces helping us to get ready to trick or treat. Easter they would have huge Easter egg hunts that always accompanied a prize egg. Papaw would take the little ones on rides on his riding mower. Papaw took the grandsons fishing which they especially liked. Creek fishing, wading out to the spot slaying red-eye and catfish and bass. Good, good memories of love and happiness. Granny loved to sew she made me some furniture for my Barbies, a little wooden couch and chair, fitted with red material. She made little red throw pillows with lace around edges. She made me a Strawberry Shortcake tapestry for my wall that sadly did not make it to my hope chest because when we were teenagers my cousin got drunk and gave it to an outside dog as a cover, I was livid. Looking back it seems he had issues with Strawberry Shortcake.

I am sure Papaw and Granny had much to talk about with each-other in their quiet moments seeing teenagers coming in with green dreadlocks and piercings all over their face, and big black studs in their ears. This was another cousin of mine, too funny. Papaw was straightforward and funny he could not simply “say nothing” about the long hair, the green hair, the dreads, the piercings, the ear-rings, the holey jeans that we bought so we could take them and splash bleach all over them (gotta love the 80’s). He would always have a comment which I loved about him, he would release the beast from his man vault of “Burns.” It was always hilarious. I always had an appreciation for his rants. A familiar one was; “These kids could tear up an iron wedge.” The 80’s was all about holey jeans, big hair and a rock hard attitude. They had already survived the hippy era and the Bee Gees (lol) with their daughters and they survived the 80’s with us and the grunge years with others. They seen a lot of trends. I would love to see Papaws reaction to men who rock “man buns” today sounds crazy just to say it. It would have been a blast.

Memories are sweet and a great way to get happy. I went to my four year old nieces birthday party this past weekend and my mom was reminiscing about my first day at school she said, I grabbed the doors and screamed “I am not going in there!” My niece started preschool and did not cry or whine for her mommy at all lol. She proceeded to tell them how she got called to pick me up in first grade because I was turning the lights out during a thunderstorm scaring the kids. I was never scared of the dark apparently they were. I am very sentimental and I have a couple of hope chests that I like to go through ever so often. One of my treasures is a hand written mini bio of Papaw and Granny’s life. I asked her to share how they met and anything funny that she wanted to include and the places they lived. She totally did and I will always treasure her words. If you still have your grandparents I suggest you ask them to do the same. I was very verbal of my love and adoration of my Grandparents, and I was always affectionate but I wish I would have told them in depth of just how much that they meant to all of us. Their home was more than a structure, it was normalcy for some, security and safety for others a place that your soul could rest awhile. They are deeply missed. I cant stress enough for everyone who is fortunate enough to have your grandparents still with you, to love and enjoy them. Give them respect and take in their wisdom.

Another day, Another page

By Kimber Renee




In light of the fact that I have been having a lot of dreams lately I have decided to write a little on the subject. Dreams are a mystery, the definition of dreams is: A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a persons mind during sleep. This definition does not tell us what they actually are. Since the beginning of time people have been fascinated with dreaming. All over the Bible we see men who had dreams that were believed to mean something. An example of ancient dreamers is Jacob founder of the tribes of Israel he saw angels ascending and descending a ladder. The Egyptians and Romans and many other cultures believed that dreams were messages from the Gods. Many books have been written on the subject of dreaming. Some believe they are just fragments of information that we have collected over a day or even a few days. Some believe you actually leave your body and are floating around living the dreams. Some of us have what I call “Sleeping Stories” that are anywhere from pleasant to goofy. Occasionally we have Nightmares which I call “Nightmarish Tours. Originally the word nightmare came from Anglo-Saxon and meant “a female spirit or monster suppose to beset people and animals by night settling upon them when they were asleep.” I don’t try and interpret my dreams but when I had the dream I am going to share I had a lot going on in my life crooks trying to steal my home, flood waters, serious physical issues. I had a dream about a rattlesnake chasing me striking at me every step that I took. I managed to protect my dogs and it did not strike me. At the time I had flood water coming at my house. My entire yard was under and two foot of water in my basement. My dogs only had a few feet of space. So my interpretation was clear I felt threatened, I felt attacked, I was worried over the safety of my dogs (babies). But…God showed up and I was not overtaken by the snake in my dream or the water surrounding me. What I did not share about that dream was after the snake a big rat with red eyes was trying to attack me I jumped on the bed and my husband was beating it and it was growling but did not get to me. I personally believe nightmares come from the demonic spirits that beckon to their masters voice. The nightmare derived from the old English “mare” a mythological demon or goblin who torments others. I believe everything evil comes from one place no where else. I was triumphant in the dream so my interpretation was I was being attacked and God defended me.

Many theories surround dreams and in particular nightmares. Some associate nightmares with anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress syndrome which make sense but even all of these things are tormenting so I believe come from that dark other-world we call Hell that hosts every kind of torment. Irregardless what you might believe nightmares to be, we all have had at least one in our life that wakes us up out of sleep, heart racing and thanking the good Lord that it was only a dream. The worst nightmares are the ones that linger for awhile in your emotions. On the positive side we all have had pleasant and happy dreams. I have visited with family members who have passed on and dogs that have passed on and these dreams are welcomed because I truly feel as though I got to visit with them. One of the happiest dream I ever had and some may think is silly but I still remember it: I was at a store it was bright sunny, blue skied and beautiful with a warm breeze caressing everything. On the store front was racks of beautiful dresses all on sale and I was grabbing as many as I could, that was a lovely dream Ha Ha I LOVE clothes. I would like to share some common symbols in dreams and what some people think they mean. I do not claim to agree with these interpretations but they are interesting. I am taking these from a book by Julia and Derek Parker called “Dreaming”.

ANIMALS- dreams of animals often reflect our most basic instincts and reactions. In working on such dreams be sure to relate feelings to the animal symbol, and make a particular assessment of the dream as if you were the animal. Some animals give us love and affection, and in turn we express many basic instincts in looking after them. If you dream of your pet, it is important to remember this. You must decide how your feelings in your dream relate not only to your pet in real life but also to people in your immediate circle. Herds and flocks sometimes occur in dreams. Ask yourself if you were frightened or intimidated by them. If so how does this relate to your friends attitude toward you? Are you simply doing what everyone else is doing, following the “herd instinct”, going with the crowd? If so your dream may be telling you to be more of an individual. Wild animals in a jungle may represent problems: were you hunting the animals? If so, the dream could mean some kind of search-for perfection or excitement. Are you taking risks at present?

BIRTH- A dream of giving birth may mean you should take a pregnancy test. But, of course, you could be giving birth to an idea, or starting a new project which will be “your baby”.The dream is underlining the fact, and prompting you to nurture and care for it, helping it to develop in the way that you want it to go. You may not as yet have given your idea consciousness, a separate life of its own, and the dream may then be of pregnancy leading to birth. But perhaps you attended a birth or were a midwife. If so, the new inspiration could still be your own. But the dream may be inviting you to help out with someones else s project or idea, or represent a cry, for help of some other kind. Some dreams are of being born, and if so perhaps you are about to make a new start in waking life.

I want to include that I have always heard if you dream of birth it means death. I like their interpretation better.

EMBARRASSMENT- This is an emotion that frequently occurs in a dream. Obviously the context is important, but embarrassment may often reflect lack of self-confidence. Perhaps you need more often award yourself full marks for what you do well and to make the best of areas which you know you can develop.

ESCAPE- researchers have shown that dreams of trying to escape are among the commonest of all. The idea suggests your dream may have been a frightening one, though one can need to escape from something ostensibly pleasant (on moral grounds for instance). Physical flight, of course suggests psychological flight, so the main question to ask is from what you were hoping to escape-and how wholeheartedly you made the effort. Then did you escape, or were you caught? And what happened then?

GRANDPARENTS- Grandparents may sometimes be more sympathetic figures in early memories than parents, and dreams involving them may be offering particularly sound advice.

FALLING DOWN DREAM- falling down dreams are the most frequent among all common dreams we experience in our lifetime. Researchers say that the average human will dream about falling to his death more than five times in their life. These dreams can be extremely frightening and vivid, that lasts minutes before you hit the ground. Dreams of this nature have a tendency to wake us before you hit the ground. For the most part whenever we dream of falling, we have lost control in some aspect in our daily life that needs to be corrected. One theory suggests that you may have lost control over a particular situation in your life. Though to identify you might have to do some thinking to what it might be linking to. This can be linked to relationships, workplace, school, or home life. Falling can imply both internal or external issues that have been neglected. Depending on the context of the dream can…point to different areas that need to be analyzed.

I have to add that is wild that most everyone has had this dream there has to be a connection. I do not know anyone who has had this dream and actually hit the ground. I always heard that if you do hit the bottom you are dead. Again I like their interpretation better.

NAKED DREAM- Becoming mortified at the realization that you are naked in public, reflects your vulnerability or feelings of shamefulness. You may be hiding something and are afraid that others can see right through you. Metaphorically, clothes are a means of concealment. Nudity also symbolizes being caught of guard.

SEEING DEAD FAMILY MEMBERS- Through spiritual research we have found that there are psychological and spiritual reasons for seeing dead family members. Psychological reasons for seeing dead family members can include a feeling of guilt or regret for not having spent time with a loved one before He/She died or some anxiety about that departed family member. Here the images of the dead relatives that appear in the dream are eruptions from our sub-conscious mind.

Spiritual reasons are mainly two-fold. One meaning is that the subtle body of the dead family member needs help in the afterlife and is trying to contact its descendant on the earth region of existence. The other reason is trying to seek revenge, to get even with some relative. It is estimated that 65% is the ancestors need for help in the afterlife and 30% of the time, it is to seek revenge or to trouble the descendant on earth and in 5% of cases it is the dead relatives wanting to help their descendants by giving them messages through their dreams. They tend to appear to family members that they trust will help them.

I have to add that my dreams of dead family members were always happy and pleasant and I know where my Grandparents are!


Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” (1816) was inspired by a vivid nightmares

Paul McCartney composed “Yesterday” by inspiration of a dream.

1886 Robert Louis Stevenson created “The strangest case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde after a vivid nightmare. He was so inspired that he wrote 30,000 words in three days and was not satisfied and threw it in the fire, then wrote 60,000 words in six days which was impressive considering there were no typewriters.

(1845) Elias Howe’s Lockswithch Sewing Machine. It came to him in a violent murder dream. He had the mechanics down all except he was having trouble with the needle and his dream solved his problem which went like this-He had been captured by cannibals. As is typical of bloodthirsty natives. Howe’s captors presented him with an ultimatum-come up with a design for a working sewing machine, or face death. Just like in real life he failed to live up to the task, and so the cannibals sentenced him to be stabbed to death with spears. Because this was a dream rather than screaming and dying as the people thrust spears into him, he noticed that each spear had a hole at the tip. Watching them puncture his flesh, going in and out, was allegedly the “Eureka” moment that led to Howe figuring out that he needed to put a hole in the top of the needle in his sewing machine. The device worked and Howe died a rich man.

Niels Bohr- father of quantum mechanics had an inspirational dream that led to the discovery of the structure of the Atom.

The great Steven King was inspired by dreams and created a lot of awesome works.

This was an article meant to amuse and have fun with. I am not an interpreter but I am fascinated by the mysterious sleeping stories that we have. I do believe that dreams do inspire and are in some cases prophetic example: You cannot believe in the Bible without believing in the validity of some dreams. It is said that we spend 6 years of our life dreaming that is wild. I hope you enjoyed. Sweet dreams to all of the lovely readers of this paper.

Another Day, Another Page

Kimber Renee




Many of us grew up with this Disney recitation “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all” A mirror shows us any flaws that we have but I want to put another spin on it. What if our mirrors could talk to us and only reminded us of the lovely things.

Maybe your mirror would say something like this….Give yourself a break. You are a sweet person with a compassionate heart. You have integrity in a world that does not even know what that means. You are passionate. You look younger than what you are.You are beautiful. You have a great smile. You are strong and not weak.

Most of our mirrors would say the opposite. What we focus on becomes larger. Our mirrors often lie to us and convince us that our reflections are rejected in some way or another. Babies never see themselves at first and yet we are their mirrors and we say how cute, beautiful and lovely they are. We mirror others by telling them what they look like and who they are. Lets be honest but lets also be willing to see the lovely. Dogs never see themselves and do not concern themselves with what they look like and yet we mirror them by constantly telling them how cute that they are and how awesome they are. My point is if we can do this with babies and dogs why cant we do this with everyone we meet.

Women can live off of one compliment for a month. Everyone needs to be reminded of the beauty they possess. It may be harder to find in some but we should look at them deeper, like a mirror. Be a mirror today that will overlook the dirt on the persons face and see their beautiful smile instead.



This is my Stoney man we had him for many years. He just showed up one day. He was probably two years old and he proved to be a lover through and through. As you can see he is looking at his mommy. I remember this day like yesterday we had him at the vets for three days, he was suffering from congestive heart failure. We brought him home and brought him inside with us. This day was his good spell. The swelling had left and he just got a bath that day. He seemed to be snapping out of it and sadly a month later he took his last breath with me by his side and in his ear telling him how beautiful he was and how much I loved him  and what joy he brought to our lives. I miss all of my babies who died of old age. I miss the way he looked at me and his gentle nature. I miss hugging him and kissing his cheeks. I am thankful that he found us and that he had a spectacular life full of love. We brought him out on the deck with us and he was enjoying the warm day and being with his mommy and daddy. He has been gone for a few years now but never forgotten.




With all of the madness we are surrounded by today I wanted to encourage everyone to focus on things that bring you “good vibes”. It seems that all people want to glorify today is tragedy and chaos leaving us drained and without any joy. I chose to focus on the things that bring me joy and good vibes. However simplistic my list each one brings me a measure of joy.

Recently my sister and my cousin had baby girls and they sent me pictures of them and it filled me with joy, and memories of what a wonderful feeling it is to hold a newborn cuddled in your arms and how good they smell. Their little smiles and coo’s how delightful that is. This brings me joy.

Looking out my window and seeing bushes budding with new life and warmer temperatures and lots of sun has brought me joy and the reminder that winter does not last forever. A new season is on the horizon with all the beauty that it possesses: lush green trees, warm breezes, butterflies being resurrected, the sound of frogs and the birds singing their celebratory songs of life. This brings me joy.

My hubby with his handsome smile and clever wit that makes me laugh everyday. On March 14th we celebrated being together 27 years and this month we will be married 26. This brings me joy. What a blessing that I have already spent over half my life with my one and only true love. What a blessing to still be in love after all of these years. He does not miss a day telling me I am beautiful and this brings me joy.

My fur-babies that are ever loyal in their love greeting me each day. This brings me joy.

The family albums have turned many days around for me. I suggest that if you are struggling with a bad day to pursue happiness. Pursue means to go after with all of your might. Looking back at memories that were happiest for me fills me with joy. Visiting my Papaw and Granny and all of the precious memories through the pictures is a blessing each and every-time.

My “Cozy Corner” which is what I have named my little place in the living room equipped with a plushy recliner, soft blanket folded on the arm, a plushy stuffed frog draped over the back that an aunt got me, my end table with a picture of my baby Randcy opening one of her Christmas gifts, the heart necklace my husband got me with her ashes in it draped over her picture, a turtle that my niece molded and painted in art class last year and gave to me, a glitter globe that another of my aunts got me and many books surrounding me as I love to read. These things bring me joy.

The thoughts of getting flowers soon. I have decided that purple and yellow will grace my deck this year. Getting all of my pretties that scream out spring is here like all of my cute frogs, wind-chimes, decorative flower pots and more. Warm summer nights. Sunny days with deep blue skies, cookouts. Pulling out cute summer clothes and beautiful summer dresses from their long sleep, Looking forward to flea markets. The thought of me and my husband riding around rocking out to good tunes, never knowing where we will end up but always enjoying the time together. The fire flies which always give me a warm sparky feeling just like when I was a kid.

My moms laughter, there is nothing like it. Yesterday she got tickled over something and before you knew it we were singing a symphony together. Her laughter brings me joy.

The relationships I have and the voices of those that I deeply love bring me joy.

Summer adventures with my nieces and nephews brings me joy.

I recently went through some old journals and found some coloring pages and stuff the kids (my nieces and nephews) drew for me and it brought me joy. Remembering their love and adoration for us then and thankfully it still remains.

These are only but a few things that bring me joy. We can get so caught up in life that we don’t enjoy life and all of the above mentioned things are life and it brings me joy. I hope I have inspired you to look for joy and pursue and go after it with all of your might, don’t waste a day because we can not get a refund of our day or our time. With all of the hardships we have endured and still are I have to purpose to be conscience of all of my blessings, and also conscience of all of the joy stealers that will suck us dry. Lets find rest for our souls today and do it on purpose.





Dogs are one of the best creations in all of the earth. I cherish and adore them. We can actually learn from them. Theirs is a quiet wisdom, one of observation. We have had immense struggles and its easy to get in a panic and let anxiety take control. One day I was out with the dogs and my husband said look at Rocky. His tail was wagging and he was all happy and always is. As long as he has us, food and his soft bed hes happy. We have a porch boxed in for our dogs so they have their own room. Its full of windows and they each have beds and blankets and toys. Its heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. As I watched him I did learn a lesson-I need to focus on what I do have rather than all the things that we do not at this time. Dogs truly live day by day and we should also.

I have said many times that no-one will love you like a dog. Their love is truly unconditional. That is all they do-is love. We as a society definitely could learn from that. Love is one of the missing ingredients in the recipe of life today. I adore how a dog looks at you. I have pictures capturing the adoring and loving looks that they share with us. Their love is true, sincere, complete and all consuming. I have had the awesome privilege of being a mommy to many dogs since I was seventeen years old and I treasure each relationship and the boundless love that they all gave me, and allowed me to lavish upon them.

Dogs have given me and countless numbers of women a chance to nurture and be a mommy. I have always had dogs and suspect that I always will. One inside and two outside, they help make my life complete. When I had to put my baby Randcy down eight years ago after having her for seventeen years I was determined that I would never get a house dog again because the pain and anguish in my soul of saying goodbye to her nearly took me out. Four days past by and I told my husband I need a puppy. We got Sheba and she was exactly what I needed. I could not crawl into bed and sleep my life away she would not have it. As soon as her eyes opened in the morning it was hell on wheels lol. I actually remember when she would nap how extremely quiet I would be not to wake her just so I could get a break as if I had a rambunctious two year old. I was her big fun toy and she took advantage every waking moment lol. She gave me what I needed and I give her what she needs.

Dogs are givers, not takers. They give everything that they are to us, another lesson we as a society could learn from. They are loyal in every-way. No-one is as loyal as a dog. Loyalty is very important to me and the world today is starving for loyalty. They are protectors and look out for the pack yet another lesson we as a society could learn from. Realizing that we are a pack and should look out for one another. Just imagine how greatly the world would change if…all people would adopt some of these admirable traits in our canine children; love, loyalty, living day by day, being content, and not worrying and full of anxieties and protecting each other. All of this is wrapped up in our fur-babies and its free of charge. They love freely and give freely. They are beautiful and I am grateful daily for all of my fur-babies that are here and the ones waiting for me in the sweet by and by.

I hope all that have dogs will look at them in a different way after reading this and follow their quiet example. I hope all will love their babies even more, appreciating the tremendous friendships that they give us.

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee