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Dead Traffic Cover

They called Cammy Tayler the voice of the dead. She remembers when she was seven years old and had her first encounter with spirit. Her Granny called it the “Magic.” Her Granny had it too and introduced her to a mirror that would assist her in her communications. Spirit that wanted to share their stories could play it out on the mirror. Right out of high-school she began traveling to well known haunts with her assistant and best friend Zack Davis in an effort to collect stories from the spirits that were willing to share. She buys a haunted house setting on what was called “Mary’s Farms” dated back to the 1700’s and soon discovers that it was inhabited by spirits. The land cried blood. Her journey leads her to prove legends to be fact like Chief Eagle Wings curse on Mary’s Farms, the witch’s cabin and Shelly the doll. Her adventures lead her to a cave called “Ghost cave’ and Jackals Bridge. The spirits flooded her with stories. She discovers the dark history and the all consuming influence of the witch who possessed and thrived at Mary’s farms. Will she survive the darkness? Come, and take the adventure and see.




Hells hallways large

Hell’s Hallways presents one question, what if there is an eternal life waiting for us. Amber Lee discovers the answer to this question and so much more as she takes a journey to the darkest place to ever exist, Hell. She remembers fondly of a time in her life when she considered God to be her friend, but she became jaded by religion and experience. Her bitterness leads her to a stripper pole and heroin yearning for acceptance. Eventually she overdoses and falls to the underworld. On her way she is taken on a journey of her life. She visits times and places that she would rather forget like when she was thirteen and had a job for the pastor to make extra money to buy a dress to be baptized in, and he tried to molest her, or when she took heroin for the first time, or when the love of her life rejected and tried to kill her. This and many other experiences fed her disbelief in a God, a heaven or a hell that held all punishment for sinners. She is greeted by many evil hosts that take her on a nightmarish tour that would change her life and beliefs forever. No matter your belief system Hell’s Hallways is relate able to everyone and leaves you with a choice.





The earth is weeping today my Dear Faye, as I am without you here. I woke up with a pain Dear Faye longing to hear your sweet voice echoing back to me. My life has been forever changed. I cant seem to get use to you being gone. I still text your phone as weird as that may seem but I cant let go of you, it is so hard to move on. It still feels like a dream. A dream that I will wake up from and see and hear from you again. I feel selfish because I still want you here, this is the conflict within. I try and take comfort in that, you are happy enjoying a sweet reunion even with my unseen children. I do take comfort that they have Grandparents and an awesome Aunt. They get to enjoy you instead of me. I am left with memories. I am sure you are filling them in on what crazy parents we would have been. You are with my fur-babies giving them my love I am sure. Thanksgiving is coming soon and all I can do is miss you. I am thankful for the relationship that we had, a lot of good times and laughs. I am thankful for your children who I love dear. A piece of you that lives on even though there are tears. Many have been shed since your passing through heavens gate. We all miss you and our hearts ache for that sweet reunion day that will come to us all someday. Where laughter will be eternal with no goodbyes ever again. Until that day sweet Faye our love we send. I love and adore you!!!!!

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee



(Has risen again)

Considering last weeks poem and rant I thought it fitting to share this week about the “Flesh Beast”. I do not apologize or regret what I wrote because it was true but what I do regret is letting that situation steal a lot of days from me. We all have a flesh beast and it lies in our souls, it is our mind, will and emotions. The last few years I have educated myself in the power of the mind (thought life). Everything is birthed from our thoughts every function of the body, every word, every emotion, all of our actions and decisions so, it makes sense that we should take regular inventory of our thoughts. Our thoughts lead us, they fuel emotions and then we react based on those emotions. I have heard that we cannot help what comes into our minds but…we can take control of the thought once it is there. The times we are living in are fleshly times (emotional). Everyone seems to be doing whatever they want based solely upon their emotions, not on intellect, and it is creating chaos. No-one seems to be using their minds to benefit themselves or the world. The accepted mentality today is, if it feels good do it. This is dangerous. We have millions of untamed beasts doing and saying as they please with absolute no respect for others. This is unacceptable. We have a responsibility to examine our thoughts and decide whether or not it is a healthy thought, or a toxic thought, one that should be embraced or one that should be ignored. We also need to educate ourselves on the power of words. The principle of the power of words has existed from the beginning of time. Think about how one word can destroy and one word can make someones day. Think for a moment how words have created messes and blessings for you. We are the beasts that need tamed on this earth today. Our problems are PEOPLE PROBLEMS and that is so sad because we can fix the problems, but choose to set idly by in ignorance and pride and watch it burn. Our words kindle the fires that we are witnessing and the ones who want to feed on the past allow no room for the future.

What if…everyone would be accountable

What if…everyone would examine their thought life and choose positive thoughts, rejecting evil negative thoughts

What if…everyone was careful choosing their words

What if…everyone decided they were not going to do anything except encourage others

What if…everyone would let go of the past and look to the future

What if…everyone would stop living in a continual pity party

What if…everyone chose to count and magnify their blessings, rather than complain all through-out the day

What if…everyone decided to focus on what they do have instead of what they do not have

What if…everyone would stop making excuses for ignorance

What if…everyone would accept that we are all different

What if…everyone would see us as ONE RACE which is THE HUMAN RACE

I saw a woman in a third world country, she lived in a hut with a dirt floor. She was crippled and could only crawl around all day. She had blocks strapped on her hands to help her crawl. The only thing that this woman was praying for and wanted was a wheelchair so she could better take care of her children. I wept and felt so ashamed, I do not consider myself to be a complainer but like everyone I do complain in life. It is a habit that I am working on breaking. Some people make complaining a sport. Sometimes when I complain I remember that woman crawling on the ground all day. She got her wheelchair Bless God! She did not pray for a house with actual wood floors, she did not pray for clothes even though hers was ragged and torn. She did not pray for wealth. She did not pray for furniture or any other luxury she prayed for a wheelchair. We need to “TAKE THOUGHT” of how very much we have, and are blessed with. While people are fighting over silly stuff there are people just like her that have nothing and are crawling around. People in various parts of the world are devastated by unimaginable loss and destruction. While people are using their energy to stir up hate via protests and other silly dramas, someone is dying of cancer wishing they had their energy to simply do their dishes. When the woman received her wheelchair you would have thought that she had just been given millions. It was touching and has remained with me. Let us change our minds. Let us realize that we can accept a thought or reject it. We do not have to be prisoners of our thoughts and feelings. It has been challenging to stay on-top of my thoughts so to speak especially this year. We have many battles. We have had many hardships. I would like to say that I handled everyone of them with a A+ but sadly being human I did not, but I am trying to do better, learning more and more.

Words” the worst thing we can do is give a voice to the negative thoughts. So if you are having negative thoughts do not ever birth them by speaking it. How many people claim disease with phrases like “my diabetes, my heart condition, my cancer, or how many say things like; my bad temper, or my anxiety. Most of us who say these things believe that we cant help it. I have been guilty of saying things like this but thankfully we can learn to change mental habits that have hindered us in life.

I am not saying deny those things, but you do not have to give it more life and power over you by calling it out constantly. Obviously if you have these problems you should not pretend that you don’t, but neither should you magnify it to the point of it consuming you. I recommend saying, this disease is leaving, I am getting better everyday, I am strong. There is a spiritual realm whether you choose to believe it or not and there are spiritual consequences just as there are natural consequences for what we do. The spirit world is in constant operation just as our natural world is. Our words, confessions, and declarations are pulling from the spirit realm. If you constantly say I am clumsy what happens? You seem to have accident after accident why? It is because of this principle I am sharing. I am not saying you can have anything you want by speaking it but I am saying if you say something long enough it will be your reality whether negative or positive. We clearly see the power of good and evil upon earth today and we are influenced by our thoughts to be one or the other. All that is going on today is a product of our thoughts. We have to make the mind and mouth connection. Use our mouth to bless and not curse, to spread love and not hate. This is a choice and it could change our world drastically. I find being able to control my thoughts and choose my words very exciting. I do not have to think whatever falls into my head, and I do not have to say whatever I feel like saying. I can choose! Now that is power! It is a daily battle and I do not always win but..I am winning more than losing. My biggest issue is others stupid choices consuming me. I do what I can to get the poison out of my system hence “Screaming on paper” and other things but still if I do not take control of my thoughts I will stay in the miserable condition of depression, anger, bitterness and so forth and so on. When your life seems out of control and your emotions are a messed up, think about what you have been thinking about. There is a proverb which reads “As a man thinks in his heart(mind) so is he. What we think about is usually the root of our unhappiness. Choose right thoughts. The power of choice is amazing and sadly we are seeing people abuse that power daily. Let us start thinking about our thought life and be more careful in what we are saying, The wisest book ever written says that we have the power to choose life or death the blessings, or the curses and our minds and mouth determine what the outcome will be. I have dealt with crooks from all sides this year, I have grieved for someone in my life who is consistently making bad choices finding myself regularly releasing them so I can maintain peace and joy. My cousin reminded me just today that we all have the control factor and how it only creates strife and bad moods. How true she was and how much I needed to hear it. How many of us waste our lives on someones elses poor decisions and drama? My goal is to learn to disassociate my feelings from others dramas and choose life. I have battled this year and I intend to win the war!

What is the result of the flesh beast




pity parties, no accountability

excuses, excuses, excuses




broken homes





pride, arrogance


passivity, laziness

lust, perversions


broken relationships

and the most prevalent today AN ENTITLEMENT ATTITUDE!

We alone have the POWER to CHANGE. We alone can TAME THE BEAST IN OURSELVES! Let us again remember little Gabriel that I wrote about a few months ago. Let us give what he never got which was love and acceptance. Let us remember how he was bullied literally to death. Let us stop being adult bullies and choose good thoughts that will birth good emotions, therefore good actions so our world can begin to heal. We the people have mistreated her! We the people have invited all of the madness that we are seeing each day! We the people have bruised her and have invited all kinds of hate and dysfunction and diseases to her by our own thinking and all that is birthed from that thinking. Let us be smarter than this and take control.

I want to share the lyrics of a song by a band called Creed the song is called “What if”


I cant find the rhyme

in all my reason, lost sense of time and all seasons

Feel I’ve been beaten down

by the words of man

that have no ground

Cant sleep beneath the trees of wisdom

When your ax has cut the roots that feed them

Forked tongues in bitter mouths

Can drive a man to bleed from the inside out

What if you did?

What if you lied?

What if I avenge?

What if eye for an eye?

I’ve seen the wicked fruit of your vine

Destroy the man who lacks a strong mind

Human pride sings a vengeful song

Inspired by the times

you’ve been walked on

My stage is shared by many millions

who lift their hands up high because they feel this

We are one We are strong

The more you hold us down

The more we press on

What if you did?

What if you lied?

What if I avenge?

What if eye for an eye?

I know I cant hold the hate inside my mind

Cause what consumes your thoughts controls your life

So I’ll just ask a question

A lonely simple question

I’ll just ask one question

What if… what if I (4 times)

What if your words could be judged like a crime?

Solo again what if I?

Awesome lyrics I recommend that you look up this song and rock out and take the wisdom that is in it. I especially like the lyric “I know I cant hold the hate inside my mind, Cause what consumes your thoughts controls your life.” Sounds like to me he understood the principle I am sharing with all of you. Let us be ready listeners and divorce ignorance and embrace wisdom.

Another day, Another page

By Kimber Renee



Preacher man, you talk the talk

But you do not walk the walk

Preacher I beseech

Practice what you preach

You will be sued

You put on a ruse

The worst kind

While you collect tithes

Coming to us with your cries

You lied

You crooked us

You stole from us

You had the nerve to call and ask for a favor

While all of these months my husband labors

To clean up the mess

That you Preacher created for us!!!!!

Coming with your sad, sad story

Of foreclosure

I have prayed Preacher that no blessings would come to you

Until you make this right

Your self-righteousness brings darkness instead of light

My spirit is left sore

While you continue to be a religious whore

You Preacher use God, making you the worst kind of all the dysfunction that this world pukes

You with your deceptive speeches, you spew

Do you not know the Bible?

Have you not heard?

That you Preacher will be held more accountable than others

Your “Title” presides

As you hide

Behind your pulpit of shame

You I blame

You Preacher are a walking shame

Prosperity will remain far from you

Until you make this right

Your whole deceived congregation can cry

In vain they cry

They have bought into your ruse

You Preacher brought this curse on you

This sin Preacher is your quicksand

I despise the deception posing as light

When the reality is Preacher, that you are darker than night

God is not blind

You foolish pretender

You wicked offender!

My rage spilled out onto this page

Is not enough for me

You Preacher are a deceptive seed

That needs choked out from your pulpit of greed

You messed with the wrong chick

I… Preacher am relentless

Nothing in your life will prosper and come to maturity

Until you Preacher take responsibility

For the stress and the pressures you have caused us

You self-righteous punk!

Nothing that you do will prosper or succeed

You will see

You made the bed that you are now lying in

With your greedy, wicked sin

Evil intentions

This is your religion!

This is all that you offer

You should be on your knees at the alter!

This is my rant of recent events that have sadly taken place in our lives. Don’t ever think that the “Devil” does not go to church. I have witnessed many. The greatest deception. When someone tells me they are a Preacher or even a Christian automatically I am cautious because my experience has been when someone feels the need to tell you what they are, instead of living it Be warned. I have been raised in and around religiosity and so I rage at it and call it out for what it is which is wicked, vain religion by a group of people who have no clue about the Bible or the God of which they claim to serve. This is the worst of the worst in my opinion, posers using God and church to con and manipulate others and in our case even steal from us. This particular Preacher costed us $23,000.00 He was suppose to be a HVAC guy who lied about having a license then he bought wrong units leaving us stuck with $4200.00 and we had to hire another HVAC guy and pay him so 23,000.00 later we are still trying to get our heads above water. This same Preacher had the nerve and ball sack to call my husband Friday not to say, I have some money for you NO this Preacher began to cry about his life and actually asked my husband if he knew where any work was REALLY? I was furious and this Preacher is the poster child of the world we live in today. Most people today are the victimizers and want to pose as the victims. Screw people over and then ask them for a favor now tell me is our world not suffering from delusion and a spirit of insanity? Church wake up! Just because you are a church and go to church does not mean that you are not accountable and should have people kiss your ass and do everything for free. It is time to grow up and face reality and if you do not know the Bible PLEASE KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT!!!!! This same Preacher would try and preach daily to my husband and then stole from us how sad is that witness!!!! Sadly he is not the first church to steal from us but I can promise you that he will be the last because I refuse to let my husband work for any other church. If you are gonna preach it then live it!!!! Either the church has an entitlement attitude so thick you would choke in it, or they don’t want to pay, or worse steal from you thinking because they are “A Preacher” or “Church people” they have a reprieve!!!! This has been our experience and it will not be a future one I can guarantee you that!!!!!

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee



In light of the fact that Halloween is so close I decided to share this week about my experiences with the haunted. I have always been fascinated with the paranormal. I always thought it was harmless fun. It was exciting to me and I had many non-fiction books in my library on the subject of the paranormal and ghosts, and I never missed Ghost Adventures or any reality show on the subject. As I said I thought it was harmless fun until… It became my reality and I lived with spirits for 12 years. On November 1, 2004 we will be in this house 14 years and 12 out of these 14 years I had multiple experiences that only affirmed and confirmed my belief in an afterlife, spirits and hauntings.


My husband was working on this house for a customer when she shared that she lived in Alabama and wanted to sell it and she offered him a price that he could not pass up So, we bought it in July of 2004. It was a very old house dated 1942 and had set empty for five years prior to us buying it. The first time I walked inside of it I immediately sensed that I was not alone and the house was not as empty as it looked. I felt that it was occupied and I could feel eyes on me all throughout the house especially the upstairs which consisted of a small foyer and a bedroom. I blamed it on how dark and vintage it looked. We found newspapers from the 1950’s which only added to the age of this house. The last modernized thing done to it was in the 70’s.

We immediately started demolition work ripping out a wall that separated the living room from the downstairs foyer, exposing a grand chimney which I got excited about. We discovered a bullet hole in the chimney and much later unearthed an old, very heavy mantle buried in the basement floor that we assumed was at some point in the home and to our shock it also had a bullet hole on the side of it. We did a lot of work to get it ready to move in and November 1st 2004 we were officially residents.


Aside from the feelings that seemed to constantly plague me my first real experience happened probably three weeks after moving in. My dog Randcy at the time was in the living room which was beside of the foyer and I was doing dishes in the kitchen which was in the back of the house. She stood up on the arm of the couch and was barking into the foyer. I thought someone had knocked and I did not hear them so I went to check and no-one was there. There was a window in the foyer and I looked out and no-one was there. I did not think to much about it and finished my work. A few days later my husband was working late and it was the same scenario I was doing dishes and this time I could hear Randcy throwing a fit in the foyer, again I went in thinking she would be at the door and to my surprise she was setting at the bottom of the staircase looking up at something barking her head off. I had to get up the courage to go upstairs and investigate and there was nothing anywhere.


Our bedroom downstairs is where we slept at first. The second set of stairs ran over the headboard of our bed. All through the night we heard footsteps up and down the stairs and across the floors and every night multiple times my husband would get the gun and go check to no avail. I asked him after awhile “why do you keep checking you know you are not gonna find anything” and he said, “I am a man I have to check” This was a nightly routine. One night he woke up at 4 am and shortly after he heard the upstairs door slam. He shared this with me the next morning and I was elated and sad that I did not hear it. It was exciting to me I had read and watched this stuff but never had I experienced it personally. I bet I went up there fifty times that day hoping to see something. A few short days later he ripped out the wall and door to that room making it one large room. He never liked this sort of thing but sadly I embraced it. We would hear voices occasionally while trying to sleep. One day we left to go shopping and my dog then Randcy always went everywhere with us so I never left the TV on. We came home and were at the door about to unlock it and I heard plain as day a man and a woman talking. I immediately said to my husband, “I cant believe that I left the TV on”. We stepped inside to silence the TV was not on but I heard a conversation. My computer at that time was in the downstairs foyer and the staircase was in that room I have never been afraid of the dark and all lights were out and I was downloading music my husband was in bed. All of the sudden I got this amazingly creepy feeling and instantly I my eyes were drawn to the bottom of the staircase. I fully expected to see a tall man in a black suit come down and this made no sense at the time but years later would be confirmed. It was such a strong sensation that I would shut down the computer and go into the living room where I could not see the stairs at all.


At first we used the upstairs for storage and slept downstairs but we eventually got the room ready to be our new bedroom and turned the downstairs bedroom into a washroom. The first two weeks were miserable it was as if someone kept waking us up as soon as we would drift off. Nagging all night well, I got a little pist off and screamed at them one day and said, If you do not stop messing with our sleep I will kick you out, if you are cool I am cool” It stopped for awhile. There were many times I would go up there and feel as if someone was right beside of me. I always knew when they were close and one night they got too close. More than once I would go up before my husband and I would be laying there and I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs and across the bedroom floor towards the bed and they would stop a couple feet from the bed, that was creepy. Another night I had went to bed upset I had been crying I do not remember what I was upset about and I just dozed off and was awakened by someone rubbing the side of my head as if to comfort me, about the third stroke I yelled out loud enough for husband to wake up and I said “leave me alone already!” I actually felt bad later because it seemed that it was comforting me. I also was touched while setting on my recliner on the leg this happened several times. Now it has to be said that I did not fear any of this for the exception of the intense creepy feelings that I would get all was well in my mind. Periodically I would have trouble sleeping they would nag throughout the night. They never really bothered my husband they seemed to be attracted to me.


As I indicated I always loved the paranormal but it became an obsession my DVR was full of haunted ghost shows and my husband would come in and it was always on. I would watch it all day. He said to me one day honey this is not healthy. I pulled back some but I was genuinely obsessed and I look back now and realize that I was actually feeding what was in my home. I lost my baby Randcy in 2010 after 17 years so I was distraught and deeply depressed and the spirits were feeding on my vulnerability and emotions. My emotions were affected immediately after moving into the house and I would try and find logical reasons like it was the high EMF of the power-lines that I was not use or, maybe we have a gas leak. Anything but the spirits. I did not want to admit that they could be affecting me it seemed that I was also attached to them as they were me. I never wanted to leave the house and if I did I always felt like a new person shortly after leaving I had increased energy and felt joyful but, once I returned instantly after stepping inside the house I would sometimes be in a rage or irritated and depressed with no energy. It got to the point that I had to start admitting that there was at least a possibility that the spirits were attached to me. Randcys death was the hardest thing I ever lived through and they were feeding on the grief and magnifying all of my emotions.


January 21, 2011 we got up to five inches of snow and I decided to take pictures to send my cousin who lived out of state I took a picture from my sliding glass doors of my deck and as I walked through the kitchen I stopped and snapped a picture from my door leading out to our side porch which was the dogs room. I snapped a picture of Stoney my dog who was standing in front of the door looking up at me and in quick succession I snapped another of Maggie who was by the door leading off of the porch and about midnight that day I looked at them and what I saw was mind blowing. Over to the right of Stoney was a man and a woman just their shoulders and head side by side as if they were posing for the picture. Now remember I said years before that I got a strong sensation of a man and expected to see a tall man in a black suit come down the stairs. Well, this man was so detailed that I could pick him out of a line up you could tell he was tall by his bone structure. He had on a black suit, white shirt and string tie, and his hair was black and combed over to the side. He was dark complected. He had strong cheekbones and deep-set eyes and a beard but no mustache. The woman was very slender with a slender face no facial features except for glasses, She was light complected her hair was light brown and pinned up, she was dressed in gray and white. They both were in 1800 apparel. The porch that was captured was not my porch, it had big white fancy posts and railing. Upon further review of this picture to my already shock and amazement there was a gentlemen standing behind the porch in a brown suit with his arm laying across the porch railing. He was chubby and had white hair parted in the middle smiling his but off. Beside of my dog Stoney who was standing up looking at me was a dog laying beside of him. It was extremely detailed it was calicoed in color. Everything in the picture was looking at me. They were aware of me and were more than happy to have their picture taken. The picture of Maggie nothing was in it. 8 years and finally I had solid undeniable proof. I have that picture printed and although I do not look at it much I am always amazed and captivated by it. I have seen a lot of ghost shows and never have I seen so much show up in one picture. I was gonna have Greg put the picture in but I have no idea how to highlight what I want you to see. I hope to use the couple in this picture for a book I have called “Mysty Secrets” that is not published yet. Mysty Secrets and Dead Traffic are loosely inspired by some of my experiences here.


After the picture everything amped up. I felt like I was losing my mind I was so miserable all of the time and we thought about moving. We were seriously looking at a house and property excited talking about it and that made everything worse my sleep was being deeply affected and other things were happening to the point that I told my husband I know it sounds weird but lets not talk about this in the house because I am going to suffer. I was tormented by fear of things happening in my life that would cripple me for whole days and even weeks. It was getting hard to function. I had had enough and got someone from my aunts church involved and we prayed together and I got my very Godly aunt on the phone who had actually been apart of exorcisms and I put her on speaker and we prayed together demanding by the blood of Christ that they leave and not come back. I had watched many shows where people would get rid of the entities from their homes and they would say the house became airy and light, I never understood this but quickly did because it was instantaneous my house felt light and airy. I never realized how oppressive my house felt until the departure. I actually felt lonely once they were gone and found myself grieving a little. That may sound strange and it was but I had lived with their presence for 12 years. I never realized how heavy my home was or how attached that they were to me until they were gone.


I have shared all of this as a warning for those who may be dabbling with the unknown or like me have an unhealthy fascination with it thinking just like I did that its harmless fun and exciting. There are things that I did not share in this article or with anyone that I choose to keep to myself because they are to disturbing. These things can consume your life and cause all kinds of havoc inside and out. I ask that you do not entertain it at all and if you insist be cautious. I got rid of all my paranormal books and stopped watching the shows altogether. I write fiction books about this but it is my imagination coupled with my experiences, and my stories always have a happy ending where good always conquers evil like my personal story does Thanks be to God.

Another Day, another page

By Kimber Renee


I wanted to write to all who may be grieving for an absent father. To those whose dad walked out at some point in their lives. To those who have let that choice devastate your life. I want to give you another way to look at it. My biological dad walked out of my life when I was two years old. We never had a relationship and when I turned 18 all of the sudden he wanted to meet me, notice I was 18 so he was off the hook on the child support which he never paid. I agreed only because I was curious. We met up at my Granny’s. I walked in the door and it was not a teary scene as a matter of fact the first thing I said was “So this is what you look like”. We talked for a few weeks and it ended. Then when I was 26 he got in contact again and we talked and seen each other for 7 months and by my choice I ended it. He made a lot of false promises and had far to much baggage. His wife was jealous and I am very sensitive and feel those things.

I can honestly say I have no regrets. I consider him walking out to be the greatest blessing of my life. If he would have stayed I would have never ran to God at 4 or 5 years old and I would not have the awareness of God that I had and have today which has made and saved my life in so many ways. If he stayed I would not have had a close relationship with my grandparents because I would have lived in the boonies surrounded by his family. I would not have had all of the beautiful childhood memories that I have, and have shared with you lovely readers if he would have stayed. I would not have my sister and my nieces and nephews. I would not have met my husband who I am deeply in love with 26 years later. I would not have had the dogs that I have had in my life. I would not have been close to my aunts and cousins. More than likely I would not be writing books and I definitely would not have met Greg and be writing for the Lakeview Times.

Do not make any mistakes about it my life was not easy with one parent but…I want to encourage all of you fatherless people to take an inventory of your life and realize the things you would be missing now if that Dad or father had chose to stay. If you met the man or woman of your dreams as a result of his absence then that was worth it to you. I also want people to know that God is “THE FATHER”. It is written that when my mother and father forsake me God will take me up and adopt me as his very own. If my dad would have stayed my life would not be what it is today. He cheated himself out of knowing an awesome chick lol, and your dad cheated himself. So I can say, I am thankful that he CHOSE to leave because he opened the door for all of these other things in my life that are precious and priceless to me now. I ask that you let go of that pain and embrace what his absence has brought to your life. Do not let someones decision ruin your life.

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee


I want to start this with a scenario that comes from a book called “The confident woman”.

Mom and dad were watching T.V when Mom said “I’m tired, its late and I am going to bed”. She got up went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for the next days lunches. She rinsed the dessert bowls, took meat out of the freezer for the following evening, checked the cereal box levels and the sugar container, put spoons in bowls and put bowls on the table and started the coffee pot for brewing the next morning. She put wet clothes in the dryer and put a load in the washer, Ironed a shirt and sewed on several loose buttons. She picked up game pieces that were on the table, put the telephone book back in the drawer. She watered the plants, emptied a waste basket, hung up a towel. She yawned and stretched and headed to the bedroom. She stopped by the desk and wrote a note to the teacher and counted out cash for a school outing, pulled a text book from under a chair, signed a birthday card for a friend addressed and stamped the envelope, wrote a quick list for the supermarket for the next day she put both of those in her purse.

Mom creamed her face and put on moisturizer, brushed and flossed her teeth, trimmed her nails. Hubby called out and said “I thought you were going to bed” “I am on my way she said”. She put water in the dogs bowl and put the cat out, made sure the doors were locked, looked in on each one of the kids, turned on a bedside lamp, hung up a shirt, threw some dirty socks in the laundry basket, had a brief conversation with the oldest child who was still up doing homework.

In her room set the alarm, laid out clothing for the next day, straightened up a shoe rack, added three things to her to do list for the next day. About that time the husband turned off the T.V and announced not to anyone imparticular “I am going to bed” and he did.

I shared this to make a point of how awesome women are. The details that women do is amazing to say the least and sadly all of the little details go unnoticed for the most part. I love being a woman and I embrace every aspect of the blessing. I have always been a girly girl as a child I loved barbies and Strawberry Shortcake and even today I love barbies lol. Thankfully my five year old niece likes them to so I can buy her barbies. I love clothes and accessories and high heels. I love anything to do with hair and make-up and I love chick flicks and Americas Next Top Model which I introduced to my fourteen year old niece and we watch marathons together. Women connect with all of life some more than others depending how in tune that they are. I fully embrace my womanhood and love everything about it. Women bring a soft element to hard things. They have the ability to set the atmosphere in the home as the saying goes “If mamma is not happy no-one is happy” I want women who read this to have the reminder today of just how awesome you are! I want men reading this to realize that fact and show a deeper appreciation for the softer sex. Be more aware of all of the little details. Notice when she fixes up, notice how good she smells. Notice how good the house looks and smells and the thousand other things that she does and is.

November 1st I will be putting out all of my Christmas decorations and it takes me a week and a half to get everything in place. Last year my husband looked all around the house after everything was out and he said “Baby this is so nice I love your touch if you did not do this there would be nothing up”. It felt good that he appreciated all of the decorations and the work I did to get them all in there perfect places. So, men please notice the small touches that a women brings to the home even if it is just a candle that is lit or, fresh flowers out on the table, that is her sweet touches. Women are magnificent creatures and should be recognized as such.

I want to close with some quotes about women.

There are only three things that women need in life, food, water and compliments.

By unknown

Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end

by A.J. Lawless

Always be careful of what you hear about a woman. Rumors come from either a man who cant have her, or a woman who cant compete with her.

By unknown

Here’s to strong women may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them

By unknown

You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation

By Brigham Young

What would men be without women? Scarce, sir….mighty scarce

By Mark Twain

As a woman I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman my country is the whole world.

By Virginia Woolfe

She believed she could, so she did

By unknown

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.

By Nora Ephron

I will conclude with encouraging all women today to embrace the beauty that you possess and the power that comes with your softness and love yourself so that you can love others.

By Kimber Renee

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee


I want to start this with some research that not only is fascinating but will also confirm there is such a thing as “generational curses”.

Earnest Hemingway was one of the greatest writers of his day, but depression, alcoholism, and suicide plagued him and his family members. Hemingway took his own life in 1961. His sister committed suicide five years later. His brother committed suicide sixteen years after that. His Granddaughter did the same thing in 1996. His father took his life in 1928.

In 1874, a member of the New York prison board noticed that there were six people from the same family serving in one of the prisons. He was intrigued and did a study. He traced the family line back to a man by the name of Max Jukes, who was born in 1720. He was known as a troublemaker, a heavy drinker with no integrity. He married a woman just like him. They had six daughters and two sons. Twelve hundred of their descendants were studied. Of those, 310 were homeless, 180 were alcoholics, 161 were drug addicts, 150 were criminals and seven of them committed murder.

Another family that lived around that same time also was studied. The head of the family was Jonathon Edwards, who was born in 1703. he was a famous theologian and the president of Princeton University. He married his wife, Sarah, and was a devoted family man. They remained married for 30 years until his death. They had 11 children. Fourteen hundred of their descendants were studied. Among them, 13 were college presidents, 66 were professors, 100 were attorneys, 85 were authors of classic books, 32 were state judges, 66 were physicians, and 10 were holders of public office, including 3 governors, 3 U.S. Senators and 1 vice president of the United states.

The first two studies clearly shows patterns and cycles within the bloodline. I want to establish that there is such a thing as generational curses. The good news is WE CAN BREAK THEM! How you may ask well, CHOICES. I have heard people say many times heart disease runs in our family, alcoholism runs in our family ect. I get angry at these statements and confessions because they are accepting a lie. Yes we have predispositions but we do not have to choose it. We can actually deactivate genes. Yes you read that right We can deactivate genes. Epigenetics makes this clear. Now of course we cannot deactivate the genes that are responsible for our hair color, eye color, height but we can deactivate the genes of depression, drug addiction, health problems and even criminal activity by simply deciding you will not accept it in your life and make different choices therefore deactivating those predispositions. Just because Grand-mama was depressed and Mama was depressed does not mean that you have to be depressed! If Earnest Hemingway’s father would have known this and would have decided I am not going to live depressed and hopeless look at how many of his family members would have lived instead of died and some would be here today. If Jonathon Jukes who started a prison family would have said I am not going to waste my life doing these things then hard telling what would have become of their family. The only difference between Hemingway and Johnathon Jukes and Jonathon Edwards was CHOICE.

In my family there are women who continue to keep the cycle of abuse going. Getting with men who are worthless and abusive to them and their children. I want to SCREAM in their faces and say STOP THIS CURSE ALREADY! STOP making excuses to keep it going! I have a couple of cousins who were raised like this and scars were left but…they deactivated the abusive, redneck gene and are great husbands and fathers. They could have easily mimicked what they saw and experienced using their childhoods as an excuse to be the same way, but they did not! They used the power of choice and refused to keep the curse going in their lives and now the reward is their daughters will have healthy happy lives, and most importantly a healthy example of what a mother and father should be like. The chances of them getting with an abusive guy is slim because their fathers unlike Jukes and Hemingway made a choice to break the cycle! My biological father was an alcoholic back in the day. He was never in my life but the point is I AM NOT AN ALCOHOLIC. My uncle on that side of the family is a drug addict in and out of jail and I am not a drug addict and have never been in trouble with the law. These people are ghosts to me I do not know them but the point is we all have choice and that is what makes criminals, alcoholics, drug addicts etc.

I have written extensively on the power of choice and it is a huge problem in our world today because people want to believe they have no choices and that in turn takes away responsibility and accountability because then they can play the blame game which people are addicted to today. Where there is choice, there is consequence. If we keep thinking “we cant help it” WE WONT! I have said many times that EXCUSES BREED IGNORANCE and none of us can look at our world and deny that. I hope after reading this you will NEVER again say out of your mouth this or that runs in our family. NO! DEACTIVATE that gene with your choice and words!

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee