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Dead Traffic Cover

They called Cammy Tayler the voice of the dead. She remembers when she was seven years old and had her first encounter with spirit. Her Granny called it the “Magic.” Her Granny had it too and introduced her to a mirror that would assist her in her communications. Spirit that wanted to share their stories could play it out on the mirror. Right out of high-school she began traveling to well known haunts with her assistant and best friend Zack Davis in an effort to collect stories from the spirits that were willing to share. She buys a haunted house setting on what was called “Mary’s Farms” dated back to the 1700’s and soon discovers that it was inhabited by spirits. The land cried blood. Her journey leads her to prove legends to be fact like Chief Eagle Wings curse on Mary’s Farms, the witch’s cabin and Shelly the doll. Her adventures lead her to a cave called “Ghost cave’ and Jackals Bridge. The spirits flooded her with stories. She discovers the dark history and the all consuming influence of the witch who possessed and thrived at Mary’s farms. Will she survive the darkness? Come, and take the adventure and see.




Hells hallways large

Hell’s Hallways presents one question, what if there is an eternal life waiting for us. Amber Lee discovers the answer to this question and so much more as she takes a journey to the darkest place to ever exist, Hell. She remembers fondly of a time in her life when she considered God to be her friend, but she became jaded by religion and experience. Her bitterness leads her to a stripper pole and heroin yearning for acceptance. Eventually she overdoses and falls to the underworld. On her way she is taken on a journey of her life. She visits times and places that she would rather forget like when she was thirteen and had a job for the pastor to make extra money to buy a dress to be baptized in, and he tried to molest her, or when she took heroin for the first time, or when the love of her life rejected and tried to kill her. This and many other experiences fed her disbelief in a God, a heaven or a hell that held all punishment for sinners. She is greeted by many evil hosts that take her on a nightmarish tour that would change her life and beliefs forever. No matter your belief system Hell’s Hallways is relate able to everyone and leaves you with a choice.




I want to start this with something that the Iconic Janet Jackson said at the Billboard Music Awards this year. I am quoting her.

Turn back to the Source of calmness and that source is GOD. Everything we lack GOD has in abundance compassion, sensitivity, patience and boundless love.” Brilliantly said and I commend her to take her opportunity on the world renowned platform that her success has created for her to speak out and to speak truth. I want to talk about social medias unasked for opinions and briefly Trump. There is so much hate in our world and I want to share something I saw on the news a month or so ago, as the TV was on that channel when I got up. It was a marriage proposal so I decided to watch it thinking, cool finally something good. WRONG! It was about a couple who were together 6 years and it was the young woman’s college graduation and her dude chose to propose to her. People on social media sadly and shamefully had a problem with this proposal bombarding with their posts and beastly opinions which were not asked for by the way saying things like: he was selfish, this was her day, he took attention off of her accomplishments and made it about him BLAH BLAH BLAH and GRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Apparently people tweeted and basically did a survey on this and 54% disapproved of this proposal REALLY SOCIAL MEDIA JUNKIES GET A GRIP AND A LIFE PLEASE!!!!! It is none of your business nor is it your place to approve period! It infuriates me that all of these social media heads seem to think their opinion matters! You continually showcase your ignorance and lack of NO LIFE!!!! They took something good and turned it into something bad STOP HATING!!!! Have a real opinion about the state and conditions of our messed up, delusional and much in denial world! You will not do that because YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEMS TODAY and you deep down know it but would never admit it!!!!

School will be starting soon and we all are aware that the school shootings are common today and what is being done about it? Talk and deflection that is what is being done, so basically NOTHING!!!!! Me and my cousin had a discussion about this. I am not a political person but I have to say I am overdosed and sick of people blaming Trump for everything. So many people have disrespected Trump and have even blamed him for the school shootings REALLY? My cousin brought up some very good points she said school shootings were happening long before Trump was in office and….How can we expect our children to respect our fellowman if grown people do not respect the President of our country? Video games are to blame, cartoons today are to blame, music is to blame. All that these scapegoats are, is a deflection! Parents are to blame first and foremost because obviously they are NOT paying attention to their kids to even see a problem! Social media and the internet is what is raising this GENERATION and we wonder why our kids today are so messed up! The school system is to blame because they took God, prayer and the Bible out of school along with morals and values! The government is to blame when they decided to make it against the law for parents to spank their kids promoting the rebellious, disrespectful generation that we see today! The wisest book ever written says, beat them with the rod, they should not surely die! It also says, Spare the rod, spoil the child. For all the ones on social media that may get their panties in a wad because I shared this let me clarify I am not saying nor is the Bible saying to get a literal rod and beat your kids brains out, it simply means you discipline them. We grew up with video games did any of us take a gun to school NO! We got our tails busted and we are not disturbed. No change will ever happen until, until, until people take the responsibility that is THEIRS and STOP blaming everyone and everything else! I have ranted many times about the Internet and social media and all of the coldness and wickedness that it produces. You just read Another example of social media in action to attempt to ruin someones happy day with backlash that was undeserving, un-asked for and ridiculous! Just like little Gabriel “The School” did not want to face up to their part of that little boys death. No it is easier to deflect and blame other things and even down play a serious problem in our country which is suicide rather than take responsibility PATHETIC!!!!!!! Now Walmart is selling impeach Trump shirts on the INTERNET!! I do not agree with the way he says things but….KNOCK OFF THE CHILDISH DISRESPECT ALREADY!!!! Worry about how YOU live YOUR life! Worry about how YOU raise YOUR kids which happens to be our future! Worry about THE MESSAGE YOU ARE SENDING TO YOUR KIDS!!! What are you contributing? An opinion and time on social media which means NOTHING!!!! YOU are adding to the problems because YOU cant seem to keep that tiny member (tongue) shut!!!!!

Am I the only one who sees this world with opened eyes? I mean seriously does anyone agree with me? It is a SICK and TWISTED world that we live in and social media keeps it INFECTED all of the time! No one is doing anything about it instead they keep creating more APPS and more social sites. I have said from the beginning that all of our world issues are CREATED and that is what makes it so infuriating to me. NO-ONE is making the right sacrifices for a better quality of life instead everyone continues to FEED THE BEASTS that are devouring our world!!!!!!

The feast of the world today is hate and the ingredients are strife, regurgitated offense, unasked for and unproductive opinions of blatant ignorance, arrogance, technologically addicted, deep denial with a smile and excuses, excuses, excuses creating more and more abuses, no action just lip service waiting for the next App and techno toy to come out! This is the world today!

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee



People problems, People problems

Everywhere that you go

People problems, People problems

Drowning my soul

Multitudes of adults acting like kids

fighting on the playground

They do not know how to be peaceful, they do not know how to be sound

They wear their hate like a crown

Entitlement attitude

Everywhere that you go today

Arrogance is the flame

Selfish, vain and rude

Choosing to stay the same

Sucking on the racist tit

keeping the fires lit

Continuing to rage

Feeding the Beast

Wild animals should be in a cage

Betrayal and hidden motives

Contradictions unfolding

Peace is so hard to obtain

When you are surrounded by the insane

The choice is to offend, and accept offense

Death they send

They fight about race

The moronic they embrace

They feed the Beast, making it larger

Instead of killing it, they make it stronger

Their hate is conjured

The fire has been lit

Arrogance is the flame

They stay the same

This is it

Blazing hatred, fanning the embers of hate

Trouble and chaos they crave

Death they create

If our forefathers could see

They would weep

Mouths they cannot keep

Perverting freedom

They are Ignorant

Commonsense is Elusive

the Beast is abusive

raging in the earth

Devastating and causing hurt

Salting the wounds

Inviting doom

Too stupid to see


They feed the Beast, making it larger

Instead of killing it, They make it stronger

Their hate is conjured

Comprehension has failed their ears

Learning nothing over the years

Repeating insanity

All for vanity

Living in the past, keeping it alive

Spewing lies

Ignoring cries

There is no mercy with the Beast

He has many to join him in the feast

We made the meal

Inviting the Beast to steal

inviting the Beast to kill

Blood he spills

Lets wake up and see

Lets let people be

Lets kill the Beast

So we together can be free

Now is words of wisdom

for this season

Now is the time

Time to unite

So we can survive

Fight for life

Appreciate our freedoms

Not use it as a reason to hate more

Let us stop being the beasts whore.



I am chasing the dream of having my words released to the world. I am very proud of “HELLS HALLWAYS”. I have always had a love for books and like everyone I like a page turner. I am not trying to toot my own horn but… I am confident that I created just that a “page turner”. I want my readers to be engaged through-out the stories I write and sad to see it end. This book is a total work of fiction but…it is shrouded in truth of the world we live in today. I decided to give all of you lovely readers a sneak peek into my SECOND Chapter called “THE DEVILS DOMAIN” Amber has fallen to Hell and a lot happens before she gets to the first “Hell Room” but I am only sharing the first Hell Room she enters, with many more left to explore. I hope this intrigues you enough to buy it and give me a REVIEW on AMAZON. If you like my articles each week give me your support and taste my imagination. I feel I give any one who reads this book an experience not just a good read.

(The First hell Room)

The further she traveled into this hellish cavern the more alone and closed off from life she felt. The loneliness and separateness from creation was indescribable. She never knew just how connected that she was with creation until this place. The she-demon stopped in front of what seemed like a 1000 ft door she and her thousand voices screamed OPEN! The doors opened, The stench was overwhelming. There was a long table covered with rotten food that was infested with maggots and at this table there were people who looked starved, their faces sunken in, their eyes sunken in, all appeared to be naked and you could see their bones protruding from their filthy skin. They set quietly, like statues. At the head of this table was a monster of a demon weighing 2000 pounds. He was silent. The she-demon began her speech, This is gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins. Even the most ignorant know this sin, that is why I’m starting here. What you are seeing is not about food. Food is the symbol. This is a picture for your human, natural mind to absorb. Amber did not forget what sin was, that was glorified here, but the word was not in her. The she-demon continued, Stupid people who have no f**king self control they feast on everything like a pack of swine, using emotions to justify being a pig. Starving themselves for vanity, destroying the temple. The demon had no compassion or understanding and was filled with profanities. She commanded the grotesquely obese demon with her many voices “Show her your spirit demon!” After she commanded he raised his arm and slammed the table that seemed the size of a football field. As soon as the boom sounded from his monster size arm the people at the table began stuffing their faces. Their dirty hands shoveling in their mouths rotten food salted with Maggots. They were puking up the food and scooping what they could of their vomit into their mouths. The table looked like a slop bucket. Amber once again was dry heaving but unable to vomit. The she-demon said, he creates gluttony by tempting people and letting them make the choice for themselves. This is forever for them, forced to literally eat their sin and she cackles. But it does not end there because there is more than one form of gluttony. Selfishness and a love for money, greedy gain which we admire here. The world that you lived in is full of gluttony, the bigger is better mentality and the grass is greener mentality has pleased us greatly. You all up there cry out for more, more, more until you have nothing. You eat death not only physically but spiritually up there by choice. Just like they keep shoveling the food in their mouths while so full that they puke it up, This is your gluttonous world, its no wonder that your father has forsaken you. You stupid f**king pigs. We shall move on and she leads Amber…….

I hope this intrigues you and leaves you wanting to see the multiple other Hell rooms and experiences Amber has. I think all could agree that we are living in a gluttonous world, saturated in greed and the desire for more. This book is relateable to all people no matter your belief system. This is not written to the Christians I do not want it labeled that. It is written to the world and has a powerful message. It is not lovely and nice just like the world we live in is not lovely and nice. Hell is not lovely and nice and I feel I captured the loneliness, eternal torment and deception that Hell produces. I am radical with truth and tip-toe around no-one regardless of their “Title.” I hope there are some that can appreciate my style and enjoy it. All of us can relate to Amber in some way. I have been faithful to write each week and I am looking for faithful people. I want people to be like my birds that come in everyday to get their feast. they feed and enjoy and appreciate what I give them each day and it is my pleasure to feed them just as it is my pleasure to write to you each week, and to write stories that take you on a journey that you will enjoy and appreciate. I am diverse I have five other books that includes a paranormal thriller, paranormal horror with a sequel that I am currently working on and a psychological thriller with a sequel, also a non-fiction. I long to have my books on peoples bookshelves all over the world. I consider myself to be a shock writer and all of my books have the shock factor. I want to leave people talking and most of all I want my stories to captivate and resonate beyond the pages. This is what I am meant to do! This is what I love! Come now and love it with me.

Another day, Another page

By Kimber Renee


I am frustrated and so I scream

Blind people who never see

Their choices are a disease

They choose to be bound, instead of free

The information age

Is what they say

The evidence is lacking to say the least

While everyone chases the beast

Rather than feast

They eat of…

The bread of sorrow

Don t remind me

I do not want to see

Don’t deposit wisdom

I choose to live as a victim

Let me insult your intelligence, play stupid with me

Irresponsibility, chaos and misery

This is your chosen meal

Catatonic in your ignorance

You do not feel

Your chosen tyranny

Is so offensive

I am left with my words

You never learn

This is the definition

Of ignorance

Experience is a teacher

But you forsake her

Lies mothering other lies

I no longer have the time

For your lies mixed with cries

Your cries mixed with lies

Your invisible world nurtures you

The fantasy that you seem to think is true

You are like so many

desiring pity rather than power

You reject the meal

Repeat tomorrow

You choose to eat of…

The bread of sorrow

You do not eat alone

You share your bread

With the ones you are suppose to love

Even though it is salted with dread…

and cold

You force feed the hurt

Remember you will eat your words

Pathetic, sorry excuses is the road map of your life

Wont listen to wisdom

You choose to suffer and cry

You refuse to listen

To reason

It is too real for you to handle

You will eventually burn out like a candle

You are like so many

Desiring pity rather than power

You reject the meal

Repeat tomorrow

You choose to eat of…

The bread of sorrow

Cant control others stupid choices

Ignoring all of the voices

With good advice

But you renounce it

Calling it pride

That is such bullshit

Remember that your version of pride

Is one of the seven deadlies

learn what it means, then cry

Your sad chosen melodies

You are like so many

Desiring pity rather than power

You reject the meal

Repeat tomorrow

You choose to eat of…

The bread of sorrow

You glutton on lies, fantasy and misconceptions

Twisting everything even scripture

Chasing a church that is deceptive

Only going to one that will tell you what you want to hear

The reward of your chosen ignorance is tears

Your wounds I will no longer suture

You are a walking contradiction

Another of your many chosen afflictions

It has been indicative

A haunting apparition

A man addiction

The devil has been mimicked in your house

He represents all that is toxic and wicked

This is what you have allowed

This ridiculous contradiction of a relationship

Makes me SICK

You had your out more than once

You still make the same dumb-ass choice

Ignoring the voice

The information age

Is what they say

The evidence is lacking to say the least

While everyone chases the beast

Rather than feast

They eat of…

The bread of sorrow

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee


It is no secret that I love the Indian culture. I love the songs and the drums. I love the head dresses and the long hair. I find their culture fascinating and very interesting. Imagine how excited I was when my husband came home last week and said his sub-contractor had a full blooded Apache Indian working for him. My husband set up a meeting with him and I decided to take advantage of this rare opportunity and interview him. I hope all that read this will enjoy it. There are a lot of things that he said that I could not get on paper fast enough so I will share what I got and remember.

He was nice enough to grace me with an interview. His name was Melvin and they call him Mel. He was a soft spoken man but I could tell he had a warrior spirit in him. He looked like an Indian he was dark and had dark eyes and dark long hair laying across his back in a braid. He comes from the Mescalero Tribe and was raised in Saffron Arizona. He was raised in a mining town surrounded by desert and canyons and even a mountain that he said provided winter. His dad split when he was five and so his mother raised him. He spoke highly of his mother. He said that women were queens and his mother ruled in the family. Instead of chiefs women ruled in the Mescalero Tribe (that is awesome). He explained now that his mother has past that his oldest sister is the princess of the family and when she passes this honor will be passed down to his brothers wife. He shared what a fabulous cook his mother was and his favorite meal was Green chili and meat and Red chili and meat. He makes this recipe for his family today. He told me how to make it. He said he loves Rattlesnake meat and if he kills one which is very rare he will skin it and use the skins to make things and the rattles to make jewelry and of course eat the meat. He said no-one should kill a rattlesnake if it has less than nine rattles because it deserves to live awhile.

As a boy he loved to run through the desert and play in the canyons and he said one day he was out in the desert and saw a coyote. He quickly told me that coyotes there are nothing like they are here explaining that they are much bigger. He looked at the coyote and the coyote looked at him. The next thing he knew the coyote followed beside of him him until he went home and they both went their separate ways. He said the Mescalero tribes loved all animals even snakes and only killed what they needed to survive. He said they were nomads and traveled, his exact words were “boogied” lol. They never stayed anywhere long so they never lived in tepees only huts that they could assemble quickly and take down quickly. They were not social and stuck tightly together. I asked if any Indians still live in tepees today in Arizona he said the Hopi Indians live in huts.

I asked him what his favorite memory was as a boy and he told me that him and his brother shared a room that was painted blue and he was asleep one night but he said he was asleep but also awake and had a dream where he was on the ceiling looking down at the room. He said he never saw his body only the room and how amazing his window looked from the ceiling. I did not expect this type of memory but he had this experience four times by the time he was five so this stood out to him and he wanted to share it. I asked him about his Father and he said his uncle told him his dad was a six foot Apache who took the Apodaca name. I asked him if any of the members of his family owned head-dresses and he said no that the Apaches did not have them they dressed light as they were nomads that never stayed long anywhere. They did wear some decorations but nothing complicated. He also said that when people find out that he is an Indian they say Oh yeah my great grand mother was an Indian. He said he does not say anything but it gets on his nerves because it is simply not true. I understand this because people in Kentucky do claim this and I do not know why. I asked him, if he or any other member of his family have Indian relics passed down from generation to generation. He said his mother had turquoise trinkets and rings. He said he had a hammer with a big heavy head made out of rock that he loves he said they would grind meat and pound out bones with this tool.

I asked him what his spirit animal was and he said it was the Red Tailed Hawk and the Wolf. I asked him if he ever had any visions and he said he had two and explained. They would go into a sweat hut and smoke peyote which is a hallucinogen and they would go on a trip. He said his first vision he was high up in the sky flying, he never saw his body but felt as though he was the Red Tailed Hawk. He said the view was extraordinary up there. His second vision he said he was running through the woods either hunting or searching for something and again he never saw his body but felt that he was a wolf so these are his spirit animals. He had a tattoo of the Red tailed Hawk on his chest. He also had a tattoo of a full moon and inside of the moon was a pot leaf. He has always had a connection to the Hawk ever since. He said he was out one day and there were tall poles standing here and there and he had the urge to look up and knew he would see the Red Tailed Hawk and sure enough he did. This has happened to him several times and the last time he called for it, and he did the call which was so cool and it cocked its head and looked at him as if to say I remember you.

I asked him if he knew any dances and he said the Apaches only danced for two reasons one was for war and the other was for celebration. I asked him if he knew the dance and he said yes but he was to embarrassed to perform it and I understood that. He jokingly said “If I did the dance I would have to fight one of these men” he had a sense of humor which I appreciated. I asked him if he had a knowledge of medicinal plants and he said yes that his mother would collect from a bush in the desert called “The Good Weed” and she would make tea out of it and rub it on them whenever they felt bad and they would feel better. I asked him what he thought of our world today and I will quote him “It is fucked up” I agree. I then asked him if he could change anything today what would that be and I think he misunderstood and thought I asked him if he could change the world what would it be. He said He would like to improve technology to the point of defying gravity so that we could move a whole city and put it anywhere we wanted to, and he would like to invent a magnetic shield to protect everything from harmful rays.

I closed the interview with asking him if he always braids his hair and he said only when he works and he took his hair down for me and it only accentuated that he was a true Apache Indian. We shook hands and that was the end. He told me he and his wife were going to move back to Arizona he is in Ohio now and does not like it. I told him we had lots of land here in Kentucky lol. I really appreciated the time he gave me and I will never forget my interview with an Indian just as I will never forget when I got to dance with Indians at the Serpents mound last year. My nephew shares the same love I have for the Indian culture and the people. He was with us at the Serpents Mound and we are going to take him to Fort Ancient for his birthday he will be sixteen this month boo hoo. Fort Ancient is where the Hopewell Indians had their village. When we go I will write about our adventure. He said a lot of things that I am sure were lost looking back in retrospect I wish I would have had a recorder to capture everything he said but this was a good interview and I hope all of the lovely readers of this paper enjoyed it, I know I did.

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee


I am in no way defending Rosanne’s bad joke but rather calling out the BLATANT HYPOCRISY of our world. All of you twitter junkies and social media heads should be ashamed for being so STUPID!!!! You are so offended by one comedians joke and yet Saturday Night Live is not canceled and none of you are tweeting about their insults! How many YEARS have they been allowed to insult people? None of you are tweeting about CNN, none of you are offended by the “Roast” no instead celebrities pay to set at a roast to here nothing but insults and WE tune in to listen and watch. HYPOCRISY!!!! The biggest example of how bad the hypocrisy is today is that countless AMERICANS have disrespected the PRESIDENT of our country and continue to insult him and no one is upset and tweeting pretending to be the Martyr.

All of you continue to prove that social media is a HUGE PROBLEM and I personally think every person on any social site be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat etc that stirs up stink and creates drama should be fined and KICKED OFF!!!!! If you want to rage and be offended then be offended by the school shootings, teenage suicide created by bullying, sex trafficking, terrorism, injustice, drug pandemic and all of the sad, sorry excuses our country makes for them. This is only a few things that warrant this much outrage. This one bad joke added to the millions of bad jokes about the living and the dead that comedians have told should not be one of them. She apologized that is all she can do. Every single one of you including Sarah Gilbert are hypocrites because NONE of us have scathed through life NEVER saying something that we regret. Maybe some of us have not said racist things but WE ALL have said things that are wrong. A mans tongue can be a deadly poison and WE ALL have tasted it. You social media junkies have loose mouth disease and are a bunch of vipers ready to strike at anything and spread your poison to as many as possible, so you can go to work (if you work something other than your mouth) and say I tweeted last night or posted last night about this or that. WHO CARES!!!! I remember when social media did not exist and believe me WE as a nation were better off and did not have to constantly worry about people being offended and all of the he said she said bullshit. It was simpler times and definitely more peaceful. The tragedy is that the love of money and convenience today has kept social media alive when it should be killed out choked, stomped and buried forever!!!!!

I am so sickened by social media and all of your lame ass opinions and your poor little feelings continuously stirring the pot. You know who you are. You all are not offended you are just bored and have no life accept to jump on anyone for anything all of the time! I only have Word-press to promote my books and I happen to appreciate the writing skills of others. I refuse to support Facebook or any other site. Recently a dude on Facebook called my cousin a “CUNT” over her opinion about Nickleback which is a rock band that has basically died. This is my point!!!!!! It does not get more insulting than that. Is my cousin getting any attention NO! Was she offended YES! This comment that some random dude made is way worse than what Rosanne said. Get a life! Get a life! Get a life! Read a book, take a walk, pet your dog. Do something other than living on social media giving your hypocritical opinions and keeping wars going!!!!!!!!!! How many bad jokes have been told about Rosanne throughout her career? You could not number them and yet I do not recall anyone giving her a personal apology and having their show canceled. What about our President has anyone on television ever apologized to him for the barrage of jokes and even sitcoms created for the soul purpose of insulting him? NO and this is HYPOCRISY. All of you easily offended morons are going to keep it up and we will have absolutely no freedom of speech at all because God forbid we should offend someone today we are already there!!!!!. I am sure some uneducated bored nitwit will be offended by what I am saying right now do you wanna know why? I will tell you because I am telling the truth and NOBODY appreciates and values TRUTH today! Truth makes you the enemy. You all prove there is a demonic influence in this earth because you all are so deceived that you actually believe you are doing something good “standing up for someone” when in reality you are the matches that light the fires of our present world. Hell prides itself on deception!!!!

I am baffled by the ignorance of our world today. I am baffled by all of the easily offended. If someone pisses in the wind wrong someone is tweeting about it. GET A LIFE!!!!! We have many, many causes to be upset about today and this is not one of them. This has been done over and over again by most every comedian. Someone has been the butt of their jokes but thanks to social media and the convenience of running your mouth now its a media orgy!!!!! MIND YOUR OWN FLIPPING BUSINESS and the world would get better over night!!!!!

Another day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee


At the risk of being repetitive I have to vent this week on a subject that I have written about several times, and that subject is none other than TECHNOLOGY. I have heard for awhile now that some schools have taken out writing and the students do all of their work on the computer. I just heard that there are polls asking people mainly parents if they think they should stop teaching cursive writing. REALLY!!!!!!!! I think this idea is insanely stupid and what is more insanely stupid is that, it is up for debate at all. It is reminiscent of the bathroom debate absolute insanity. Commonsense would dictate that human beings should not put their whole lives and dependence on lifeless cold machines that will ALWAYS FAIL at some point! We are toying with the idea of making our kids ignorant to the point of not even knowing how to write their own names, or to even be able to read cursive. We are toying with the idea of creating a generation that cannot think for themselves because Google and Alexa can do their thinking for them! We are deciding to get rid of one of the three basics of our curriculum since the beginning of time reading, writing and arithmetic. Can you believe that this is even up for debate. What, because it is 2018 we don’t need to go through the pain staking effort of holding a pencil and write with it? I am being sarcastic. What, because it is 2018 we don’t need to write at all because we have machines that will write for us. My husband offered at one time to get me some program that you speak to and it types it for you. I gave him a very loud NO! If I did not have use of my hands that would have been helpful, but this just further confirms what a lazy world we have created. I love hearing the sounds of the keys when I am writing it is music to my ears. I journal and write poetry so I practice the lovely art of traditional writing all of the time. If we don’t speak up it will be a lost art.

Me and my husband CHOOSE to not have Facebook and some would consider that weird but it is WISDOM at its finest. I personally do not want people tracking me down like a dog. I do not want to rebuild lost relationships, or relationships with people I went to high school with and I could care less what they are up to now. I have no desire to create drama or to get addicted to the thrills of how many friends I now have on these sights, that is called PRIDE. It is sad but true that our youths self worth is dependent on how many friends that they have on these social sights and that is disgusting to me. Pride is also prevalent today through the famous selfies that people are addicted to. I do not care to see you eating chips and hopping out of shower, or hugged up with a friend blowing a kiss. I say again REALLY? I refuse to trust social media to give me the break I so desire I have a higher power for that. I refuse to worship technology and spend all of my waking hours romancing it like it were an individual. I know people who have gave their lives to the internet, totally consumed by it to the point that they can not deal with physical interactions.

I even blame the school shootings in part to social media and technology because with every new App, social sight and technological toy invented the more we as a society become desensitized. Parents are not paying attention to their kids because its easier to let the internet raise them, teach them, comfort them and guide them. Conversations in the home has become a by-product. The internet supposedly keeps us connected, that is a facade because the reality is that we as a society are more disconnected than ever. My niece told me she does not like to talk on the phone she prefers to text, need I say more. We are trading convenience for relationship. It is important to hear each others voices. The divorce rate is at its highest because of the temptations imposed through social networks. How is that connecting? It is not, rather it is breaking and busting apart relationships all over the globe! I am in no way a prude, or a stick in the mud I like some technology like video games I appreciate the fast transfer of information but I am not oblivious to the issues. The internet needs revised and social media needs to be obliterated! I detest the technologically addicted world that I am apart of. The world today as a whole is creating hopelessness. I asked my fifteen year old nephew and my thirteen year old niece for their perspective on the world we live in today and this is what my nephew said I will quote him as he “Texted” me.

I feel like humanity is doomed. Humans hate humans but they also hate anything that is not human. People hate anything that is different yet they strive to be anything but the same. The world has went to shit you cant say three words without someone getting “offended” and everyone shoots or riots over anything that can walk. Humanity is doomed”. This made me sad although I totally get it but I felt it was necessary to give him something positive in response. I told him that yes the world sucks today but..we have to keep hope alive and seek the good things and focus on them. I hope what I said helped him.

My niece said and I quote her “Umm okay well today the world is filled with drama and politics. Its also filled with mind bending drugs and bad fake news that kill out all our brain cells before we reach 17. A teens life is hard with school, sports, a job if you have one and arguing with your parents 24/7. Even though our world has its lows we can get a decent education, and we have the most freedom to an extent, the technology advances are amazing and video games are now amazing”. It is insightful but notice neither mentioned technology as a problem. I do not blame them because this is what they were raised with. However, out of the mouths of babes and it saddens me that they also feel the sting of a very dysfunctional world.

Today the world embraces everything that is ignorant, wicked, profane and immoral for convenience and then these same people complain about the conditions of this world as if they have no part in the madness of it! As I have said before I choose to see the bigger picture and I will share again my illustration Technology is like a gun cabinet full of guns and the world does not lock the cabinet instead they give everyone license to grab any gun they choose and kill everything they can with a convenient excuse hand picked for them afterward. The shooter of a school the excuse; well, he was depressed and on medication, or the parents claim they did not know anything was wrong. Why, because they were not connected to him or her but I guarantee you they were connected to the internet. The drug pandemic: well, they have a disease they cant help it. The internet: well, there is good on there too. Really what you are saying is that, it has not affected me personally so I applaud the internet, that is called selfish! That you would have the nerve to disregard all of the horrible things that THE INTERNET has produced and the countless lives that it has destroyed is SELFISH! I struggle with this world. I grieve for it. Today we have to SEEK out the good because it is not common. Seek is a strong word and it best describes how we have to live today if we have any hope of a joyful life.

I know just from the people in my life that this technology age has only made them ridiculously stupid. Commonsense has been shunned, rejected, rebuked, labeled, renounced and ran from like the plague and WE wonder why our world is so screwed up. Most parents today are as addicted to social media as their kids are, creating parents who are poor imitations playing house instead of creating a home. Technology is producing the weakest generation of men ever in the history of world and these are suppose to be the ones who will defend us and our country when most cannot even talk without crying about something! Does this scare anyone out there? Boys today would not know a hard days work and if they did they would whine all through it. Believe me I know because we have had a hard time sifting out the weak from the strong to get a descent crew together. How many flesh and blood people have lost their jobs because they have a MACHINE that can do it now. Taking food out of a persons mouth to feed a machine to make more money PATHETIC! I have said it multiple times and it cannot be overstated that TECHNOLOGY IS KILLING OUR WORLD! It is merciless, cold, lifeless, brutal and full up of wickedness. One bad apple ruins the bunch use to apply but now everyone wants to defend technology with tired arguments that go like this, there is good that comes out of it to. Yes, I agree BUT….when more bad comes from it than good its time to get rid of it. Example if someone burns down someones home and then later gives them all the money to rebuild does that justify that he burned down their house? NO WAY because there were things in that home that were irreplaceable. This is what we are doing with technology metaphorically speaking all kinds of people are burning down houses through (deceiving, stealing, scamming, conning, cheating, bullying, kidnapping, murdering, recruiting, fighting) all through the giant door that we gladly open called THE INTERNET but its OK because some good comes of it. Even though things that are irreplaceable are being destroyed daily by it.

GREED AND PRIDE KEEP THE INTERNET GOING! People everywhere are choosing machines over quality of life because they are addicted to the convenience and attention, or they think its going to make them rich some day, or they are just nosy and drama addicted and love to stir the pot, or they are conceited and think they are much speaking and love to talk about themselves. Pathetic is what it is. It is what I titled one of my poems months ago “THE IGNORANT EMBRACE” this sums up the world we live in today we have made the ignorant embrace and chose a Godless whore instead. I told my husband that I feel like an alien in this world today and he said, “Baby you are not an alien you are a beacon, if there was no darkness we would need no beacon”. How beautiful and this is what I will conclude with.

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee